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Free stock image website, modern website design & image database - Uncoated Photos

Uncoated Photos is a completely free stock image website, run by us at Uncoated Website Design. We made the site because we have some great photographers here, and we wanted to give back to this great community. The site is built to be as simple to use as possible and super fast even though we are hosting some extremely high resolution photos.

Dynamic Image Database

We built the site into a dynamic image database. This serves the most appropriate image to each area it appears, this means the site is kept super fast because we do not display the full resolution images on the home page, they are resized and optimised to be really small file sizes to load quickly. But when you go to download the image, you will always get the full resolution super high quality version.

Simplistic Modern Design

We used the material design principle throughout the creation of this website. This means we focus on simplicity while including meaningful animations and different levels of items. This makes the site really easy to navigate and use as everything is where you would expect it to be and uses simple icons.

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