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Shopify store setup and theme customisation - Reads Nursery

Stephen Read, Reads Nursery

"I am very pleased at how efficient and helpful Uncoated have been during our site rebuild. The switch over has been far more painless than many we have undertaken in the past and I look forward to future developments with relief, knowing I no longer have to worry about the technical side of our e-commerce."

Reads Nursery came to us with the proposition of changing their eCommerce system from BigCommerce to something else as the system was clunky and didn't offer some features necessary to further their business. So we helped them transfer and organise the site.

Organising Products and Categories

Reads Nursery stock over 600 products in their store so to transfer these over and keeping them organised was a challenge and required suitable planning. Categories and tags were added to the products to keep them organised and now play a big role in the product filtering we created for the site.

Growing Tips and Advice

Reads Nursery have a very popular 'Tips and Advice about growing trees and fruits' section of their site. We gave this a large overhaul making it easier than ever to find the information people are looking for while also making it easier for Reads Nursery to add more tips and advice.

SEO Friendly Structure

We made sure not to break any of the SEO Reads had built up over time, this was of utmost importance as years of work could have been destroyed in the switch. We ended up actually boosting the SEO performance of the site with an improved category structure along with the new improved tips and advice section.

Final thoughts

"It has been great working with the lovely people at Reads Nursery and we look forward to keeping their popular site up with the modern world and helping them progress further than ever."

Jordan Mann - Founder

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