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Raj Thackrar, Orange Imports

"We at Orange Imports Limited used Uncoated to revamp our website and Ebay shop and create a trade website. Uncoated provided us with original ideas and workable solutions - backed up by technical know-how - and all provided within the specified time frame. All our dealings with them were professional and courteous - Uncoated were a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend their services."

Orange Imports came to us asking for a brand new, bespoke website as their old one was certainly showing it's age. They wanted the new site to be simple, easy to use, and modern. Currently, most of their stock is sold on eBay, and they wanted a new site to help get their customers onto their own platform.

Modern, easy to use design

eCommerce websites have a purpose of selling products online, making it easy for the consumers to get what they want and fast. That should mean they are easy to use and fast to navigate - if it isn't both of those aspects simultaneously, customers and sales will be lost. This website was built with those two factors at the forefront and it shows.

Trade Website

Running alongside the normal website, we also created a trade website. This looks exactly the same as the normal site, but the prices are different and the user must be logged in and a registered trade member with Orange Imports before they can access anything. This allows Orange to cater for their bulk and trade buyers, right down to the pricing of a single item.

Easy to use Shopify System

The website is integrated into the Shopify eCommerce system. This is super easy for the team at Orange to use in their day to day, and provides them everything they need at a reasonable price. There was no need to go for a custom backed system when something this advanced and available was already available.

Custom eBay Description

We were also tasked by Orange to create a custom eBay description for them to match their website, keeping the brand synergy. We created a super simple one for them to use, as an eBay description needs to be nothing more than, well, a description! See it below:

Final thoughts

"We have loved working with the team at Orange Imports to get this large project completed. It has definitely had its challenges, mainly due to the sheer size of the store - but it turned out great and we couldn't be happier with the result."

Jordan Mann - Founder

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