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Simon Millar, Monopoly Network

"Uncoated were given a brief to refresh the Monopoly Network website, and to make the existing functionality a little more user friendly. This was done quickly, efficiently and in places it far exceeded where we thought it was going to be. Communication between Uncoated and myself was frequent, but not too frequent, and along with my partners within the Monopoly Network, I was very impressed with the overall quality and service."

The specification provided for the Monopoly Network website was for it to be simple, fast, modern and have a really easy to use backend system. They wanted this, so members of the group could quickly and easily find out what events are going on, get contact information for other members and keep up to date with all news regarding the group. This allows them to do it on any platform they wish, from large desktop, right down to their phones when they are on the move.

Super fast loading

We make sure all of our sites load as quickly as possible and this was no exception. In test's from London the front page loaded fully in just 0.9 seconds, including a large HD image and a Twitter feed. This is great for the busy business people of Monopoly Network, when they need to access the site, they need to do it fast - because like they say, time is money!

Mobile ready design - A site to be used on the move

One big criteria was for the website to be usable on the move. The members of this group are some extremely busy people, that means keeping up with things whenever and wherever they can, so a mobile ready website was essential for them to check in.

Easy to use backend system

Another criteria was for the site to have an easy to use backend system for keeping the website updated with the latest news, events and members. We built the site with Perch as our CMS (Content Management System) of choice - this was instead of Wordpress, because we all agreed that it is very clunky and provides way too many features for what we needed. Perch was the perfect choice for everyone, nice and easy to use for the team at Monopoly Network and very flexible for us to design with.

Final thoughts

"It was great working with Monopoly Network on their website - they gave us essentially full creative reign with the only limitations of it being simple and easy to use, with nothing fancy. So we produced them a good looking and functional site to be used by their members."

Jordan Mann - Founder

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