Top 5 ways to increase customer trust

08 February 2017

Top 5 ways to increase customer trust

Building trust between your brand and your customers is extremely important to increasing your conversion rate and is very often an overlooked aspect of running a store.

So, how can you one-up your competitors by offering a brand that people trust?

Get your customer service on point

Customer service is the number one thing that increases brand trustworthiness. People talk about good customer service, they spread the word online, they repeat purchase, and you will eventually have some awesome brand ambassadors on your hands. When looking for people to take up your customer support roles hire smart, look for people who are interested in your brand and treat your customer service staff very well - these are the people on the front line who deal directly with your customers, so make sure they are damn good.

Have a tonne of reviews and endorsements

Seriously, getting this done is crucial. 91% of consumers read online reviews, so if you aren't displaying any, you are missing out big time. Consumers read reviews from other people to check if a brand is trustworthy, so if you have none then they will naturally be sceptical about buying anything from you. It's just like getting a recommendation about a brand from a friend - when they tell you a brand is good then you believe them and you become more inclined to buy from them, this is the same with online reviews but on an even larger scale. Tip: If you need a quick way to get reviews and you have previous customers, send them a polite email asking them to review you along with a link to do so, about 70% will happily do this for you!

Continuing from above, DO NOT remove negative reviews

Removing any negative reviews will be seen in a bad light by customers and should be avoided. People look for these negative reviews to see how you have responded and solved the issue that the customer was having. If you respond promptly and fix the issue then kudos to you, the negative review is actually working in your favour. Use these negative reviews to see the pitfalls in your business, use it to improve and learn, don't just block it out.

Implement live chat into your website

Live chat is an awesome way to provide your customers and potential customers with a super quick way to get in touch with you and ask any questions they may have. This helps massively with trust because if a problem arises then they know they can get a hold of your customer support staff really quickly to get it resolved. If this is not an option then make sure you are easily contactable by other means.

Make your brand more human

People trust humans more than some big grey business with no passion. So, personalise your website copy, and any other marketing materials you send to customers. And don't spam your customers with emails, just because they have purchased from you in the past doesn't give you the right to bombard them with emails begging them to buy more stuff. Send out fewer emails and pack them with things that your customers might find useful, add a link or two to some products but don't make that the focus of your email or people will just switch off and get put off by your brand.

So, they are 5 simple ways to increase your brand's trustworthiness. These things won't change your brand overnight, not a chance, but over time your brand will become more trustworthy which will lead to an increase in sales. What are you waiting for, go and get these things in place!

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