Preparing your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

24 November 2016

Preparing your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The main difference is that Black Friday has been around for a lot longer than Cyber Monday, and Black Friday was originally a brick and mortar only holiday where people would stand in lines for hours to get a good deal.

Cyber Monday was introduced to take this idea into the online world, although they have both merged over time. So you can utilise both Black Friday and Cyber Monday on your online store.

Now on to the essential tips for you online store on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you have to choose just one, go with Cyber Monday

Online stores see far more sales on cyber Monday compared to Black Friday, we think this could be down to the fact that Black Friday is still seen as a Brick and Mortar exclusive holiday.

Test your site for issues and ensure you can handle the increased traffic you will get

This is essential to get right and to check before the days - if someone comes to your site and experiences an issue, not only will you most likely lose a sale but you will lose potential future sales as they will likely not return to your site after that bad experience.

You should spend a bit of money on upgrading your hosting plan for the month to make sure your site doesn't go down from traffic issues. If you are on Shopify however, you are in luck, their hosting can handle unlimited bandwidth.

Advertise and offer free shipping on both days

This is a great way to get extra sales in the holiday period and you really want to make the best of it.

Taking this a step further you could even offer a small gift with purchases over a certain amount of money, small incentives like this really drive sales.

Make sure you really market the days

You should be sending emails regarding the holidays, maybe giving your loyal customers even more reason to purchase (offer them a small extra discount for being loyal). You should be spreading the news all over social media, Pinterest is a great one for online stores.

So that's it, those are some easy things you can do to really help boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and visitors.

Make sure you utilise these days well, they only come around once a year!

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