How to get your website ready for Christmas shoppers

07 December 2016

How to get your website ready for Christmas shoppers

Here is a short list of some top ideas to help get your online store prepared for Christmas shoppers and the new year sales.

Alert customers to shipping deadlines

Customers will be looking for a clear deadline on when they can last order a product, so they can be sure their purchase will make it in time for Christmas. Make this easy to find so customers can get on with looking at products!

Offer live chat support

This can really help over the Christmas period as it offers your customers instant support when they need it, keeping more sales and providing great customer service over this crucial time of the year.

Offer a gift wrapping service

Customers absolutely love this over the Christmas period as it saves them time - they especially love it if you offer this as a complimentary addition to all orders for Christmas. Also, make sure you add a way for the customer to add a small personalised note to the present!

Optimise product images

Now is a great time to update and improve your images throughout the site. Update your best selling product images and main images throughout the site with professional photography. This will help get more sales over the busy period.

Do not change your site layout

This will lead to customer confusion at the time when you least need this. Keep everything the same layout and navigation wise.

Showcase your top rated and top sold products

The chances are that your best sellers and best-rated products will also sell the most over Christmas, so make them easily accessible to your customers to boost sales.

So that's it, follow these 6 simple steps to prepare your website for the Christmas period and new year sales.

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